WLab itself is (C) 2010 Paul Neve. It is licenced and may be distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public Licence:

LGPL additions

WLab uses some code fragments from the JASMINe project, which is also licenced under the LGPL.

The TightVNC Java applet ( is licenced under the GPL. The source for the modified version used in WLab is available from the WLab SVN repository (see Obtaining the WLab source code).

Jumpgate is licenced under a "BSD style licence" - see the Jumpgate website for details. Again, the modified version used in WLab can be found in our SVN.

WLab uses and includes Binny V Abraham's date picker, available via a BSD licence.

WLab uses and includes version 1.3 of the Carpe Javascript slider which is “linkware for non-commercial use in normal web pages (forms). Put a small link near the slider or at the bottom of your page or with your other copyright info”.