About WLab

WLab is a web application that provides a virtual lab environment for any workshop activity that requires the use of a computer. WLab makes use of virtual machines to deliver an IT environment in which a student can perform the tasks involved in the lab exercise, regardless of the local computer they are using.

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For those unfamiliar with virtual machines, a virtual machine or VM is a complete simulation of an entire computer system – hardware, software and any accompanying user data. This means that the simulated computer can include everything the student needs to perform the tasks required of them in the lab exercise. Consequently, the student does not need any specific software or configuration parameters on their local PC.

WLab lab exercises are divided into stages; each stage contains a complete virtual machine along with - if required - appropriate static learning material that complements the activities of the lab. Students may access these labs through any standard web browser. (Find out more about how WLab lab exercises are formulated in The Structure of a Lab.)

WLab is multiplatform - it can deliver any operating system environment TO any operating system environment, and its server-side software runs on any operating system environment.

WLab is an open source application licenced under the LGPL. See Licencing for more details.

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